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        molybdenum electrodes

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        Glass melting electrodes must withstand extremely high temperatures and aggressive glass melts.Molybdenum from our company is the right material for these challenging conditions.

           Melting point of 2620℃ 

           Outstanding creep resistance

           High dimensional stability
           Excellent corrosion resistance
           Good electrical and thermal conductivity

           Outstanding purity

        As our input material, we use only the purest molybdenum oxide.In this way,we can be sure that our glass melting electrodes are free of any impurities.This prevents any discoloration or bubble formation.Thanks to a special forging process,the glass melting electrodes we manufacture possess a particularly smooth surface.In addition,our forming processes result in a particularly coarse-grained,creep-resistant material structure coupled with optimum straightness.The benefit to you: Your glass melting electrodes do not become deformed,are less prone to wear and last for longer.


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